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Monday, January 29, 2007

Managing Finances

Stevens Creek is doing a new small group series on "Managing your finances" It looks to be a great series to not only learn better ways to manange your money, but to do it also from a spiritual aspect. It helps you to realize that not just 10% is the lords, but all of it is. We have to start thinking about being responsible to the lord for all of our money and use it for purposes that further our spiritual selfs.
I am glad to know that we don't have too much debt. Both our cars are paid off, we have a little on credit cards, and I always forget about Steve's student loan from Utah. I hope within two months to have the credit cards paid off and then start working on that student loan. Hopefully except for the house we can be debt free within a short while.
We are also trying a new thing where we are going to do all our shopping for the entire month of Feb. We will have walmart cards for gas and cards with $10 a week for Milk and fresh produce. Otherwise we are not shopping (we hope). I have found it is too easy to go into walmart for miilk, bread and eggs, and come out with $60 worth of groceries.
Pray for us that we can stand strong in our commitments.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It is amazing to me how your tastebuds evolve as you mature. I now eat things that I know I did not like growing up. My co-workers and I went to Augustino's for lunch today and had the pasta bar. You create your own individual pasta dish from a variety of choices and the heat it up for you.

Now as a kid - I would have had pasta, sauce, meatballs and parmesean cheese.
But as an adult I have learned to add to it: spinach, bell peppers, green peas, onions, garlic, sausage, chicken.

I still don't like brocolli and I won't eat it on it's own as a side dish, but will eat it in a casserole. And at subway I add more than meat and cheese to the sandwich.

The fact that I try new things and my taste's are expanding give me hope for my children.

Both kids are pretty good eaters, Emilia eats most anything and Nicholas does too...although he has a "list" which can only consist of 5 things that he does not have to eat. Margaret implememted the "list" and I think it is a good idea. I know that he has taco soup, onions, broccoli and spicy food on the list. he used to have mashed potatoes on the list but he eats it now. Steve has now learned that if you want the kids to try a new food, you get Emilia to try it first, otherwise, if Nicholas doen't like it Emilia won't even try it. But if Emilia likes it you are more likely to get Nicholas to try it. Our new rule when we go to any buffet is that they have to try one bite of something new. Just this last Sunday Nicholas and I tried Macaroni and Cheese Soup. He like it, but secretly between you and I - YUCK!!!

SY (see ya)

Boston and Concord

I am readying a news series that Steve found for me. It is about the "Winslow" family starting in England coming over on the Mayflower. I have reached book 5 bringing them to the American revolution.

This has all reminded me of a wonderful time in my childhood when my parents would take us to a park called "Boston and Concord" - or that is what I remember it being called. In the middle of the park was an island with a covered bridge leading to the island - the only way to get on it. They had a ship docked at the island that you could explore and I remember buildings that you could play in. Set up like the coloinal days. They also had a wooden thing in the square that people who were in trouble would be clamped into with their head and hands sticking through. I remember my parents sitting on a blanket at the front of the covered bridge, while we went throught and played on the island. It was such a fun place, but the best part is that we would go when we would pick up my (step) brothers and sisters. It must have been close to the place that they lived, because I don't ever remember going without them.

It is funny what we remember from when we were growing up.

Inspired Blogger

I have been inspired to become a blogger by a dear friend of mine Suzanne Bree. I love ready her blogs about her life and her memories of growing up. It is a nice way to get to know her better and hear about what is going on in her life.
I have felt for a long time that I wanted to communicate more with my family and friends but to email everyone that I want seemed like to tremendous of a task. So I am copying her idea of blogging...the wave of the future.
I hope that everyone would check back every so often and leave comments about their life. In this day and age we get so busy moving so fast that we forget to communicate with the ones we love, but don't live with. I hope to bridge the unseen gap between me and my family members/friend.

All my love,