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Monday, December 15, 2008

Straight no Chaser

While I don't care for the name of the group I am so glad that Bethany posted about this wonderful group. I am hoping to pick up their CD after Christmas. Hopefully it will be on sale. Not often do I purchase CD's ....in fact I probably have bought less than 20 over my lifetime. But this will definatly be one that I do purchase.

I can't figure out how to upload something from youtube.com so you will just have to click over to hear their version of 12 days of Christmas.


Monday, December 8, 2008


Okay - so it's really bad when a whole month goes by and you don't update....Sorry. I was talking with my good friend Amber and she told me it was time. It has been a crazy busy month. Food, shopping, a new nephew....What, didn't you know?

Lucas Oscar Asselin born November 19th at 8:27 a.m.(???I think correct time). He weight 8 lbs 4 oz and was 19 inches long. He is a real cutie patootie. He and Mother are doing great! He is getting bigger everytime I see him...and more adorable too! The kids all love holding him. It was great being able to spend the first day of his life with my sister and her new baby. Helping out when needed. Yea! Margaret's MIL (Jackie) and new FIL (Paul) were in town for the first weeks to help out. Margaret's church friends are also extending a hand. If you know Margaret then you know that things have been planned for months.....she even sent out an excel spreadsheet with who was going to be in town when....crazy, but I greatly admire her organizational skills. With her Jackie and Paul at the helm Thanksgiving was a breeze...I didn't cook one single thing. I was supposed to help with the clean up and somehow manage to get out of that....not intentionally mind you.

I did the Black Friday sales picking up a few things for Margaret since I was out and about. Emilia stayed the night on Thursday night with M&J so Steve and I were free to go out shopping. Walmart was crazy shopping, but the registers went quick. Not so at the other two stores I went to. ToysRUs and Target had crazy lines.

This year is the first year that Emilia has asked for something on her wish list and been consistant about it. She wants a baby alive.....now personally I don't care for it. Don't like it peeing/ don't want her messing with it. And she already had baby dolls....I bought Emilia a toy (not saying what) but now I am wondering whether she is going to be happy about it since it isn't what she wanted. But I guess we will cross our fingers and hope that the excitement doesn't wane on Christmas morning. I have everyone covered except for the hubs. I keep warning if he doesn't come up with something he wants...Santa just might not bring him something. I have already had to stop him from overbuying for us. He tends to do that. Last year -- I gave him a gift certificate for a book....he gave me a camcorder and accesories. He does spoil us!

The kids have both improved in school. Nicholas is getting good grades and Emilia has been bringing home A's in Conduct. So each have improved in their own little areas.

Well that is the update for now.....hopefully I can get better on keeping up with the blogs.