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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

LOS Update w/ Jordan too!!

I guess I could also update a little on the other important people in our life's out here.

Lucas Oscar Asselin is one tough little kid. He has done well with his appointments. Last month he got his prosthetic eye, which I am grateful I was able to be there for. It was so neat to see her paint his eye - it is amazing how well it looks. Last week he wasn't feeling well so Margaret took him to the doc's poor baby had a double ear infection and a sinus infection, but he's a trooper, you wouldn't know how sick he was from the way he acts. He hasn't had to have more laser for the spots in his left eye for a couple months so for now it's a wait and see period. He can walk so good and is starting to talk. He like to walk around with his toy phone saying Hi to Daddy. He is cute and cuddly.

Jordan has been doing great in Kindergarten this year. She is such a smart little girl. She is getting better every day at sounding out things - she can read quite a bit. She cut her hair to donate to Locks of Love, which made me sad at first because I liked playing with her hair, but it is so cute! Jordan loves doing girly things and is getting really good at picking out the cutest of outfits to wear to school. She is also a big help to Margaret trying to keep Lucas entertained and happy so Margaret can get things done around the house.

Margaret is still being a great stay-at-home Mom, working so hard to keep life in order for her family. Jeff is still on the road for work - they get to communitcate by skyping (phone call on internet, so they can see each other)

Year in Review

Well 2009 has been and exciting and eventful year. I will go one by one on Updates so that we can get everyone caught up.

Emilia has had a great year, her conduct has improved immensely, she has gotten all A's on her weekly conduct report. This improvement has enabled her to be on the A/B honor roll. She has always been a great academic student, it was just her conduct that was holding her back. She loves her teacher Mrs. Brady and get's along with other in her class. A neighbor a few house's down from us has a son in her class, they enjoy playing together and we take turn's carpooling the kids to school each week. Emilia turned 8 this past July and is eager to get baptized, we are waiting for Spring to come so the Grandpa Leo can come out and perform the ceremony. She is trying so hard to grow up and every once in a while I see a peek of the tween coming out in her, but she still enjoy's her stuffed animals, dolls and dressing up. On November 28th we had a great Mommy/Daughter date. We checked into a fancy hotel in Columbia and got to order room service and watch movies. That night we got to go to a Miley Cyrus concert. I was surprised at the age range of the kids. Little girls from around 4 all the way up to teens. Emilia had a great time singing along to the songs and seeing the show. I thought that the Miley and her team put on a great show - full of enthusiasm, it was great seeing her in person --- even if she was very, very far away.

Nicholas is also doing well in school - his behavior is usually not an issue so much as the academic side. He is too much of a social butterfly trying to keep track of what is going on with his classmates to really pay attention. He is learning to be more independent and helps out Margaret quite a bit. He recently played one of the Mice soldiers for the play his grade did of "Nutcracker", he was very cute. Nicholas keeps sprouting, he is getting so tall and he is finally putting a little meat on him, although he is still a skinny boy. He is very much into bakugan's (they are tiny toys) And as always very much into any kind of media - TV, Video Games & such. It is hard to believe that he will be turning 10 soon. He is having a great time being a big brother to everyone, but especially little Lucas. He played soccer this year and each time he improves. He is not as scared of the ball as he has been in the past. He had a great time going to California and visiting family at Christmas with Margaret and Jeff. I will try to get the clip of him playing Pit, it is quite funny to see him get aggressive on the game, but he is definitely a gamer.

Steve and I are still doing the same jobs....life is pretty much the same for us. I kept meaning to come and post, but life had been so busy.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season! Love to your family from ours!