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Thursday, September 20, 2007


I love to camp. I had so much fun doing it when I was younger. I bought a tent 3-4 years ago that was supposed to be easy to set up. All the poles are connected and attached to the tent - you just lay it out on the tarp, pull the poles straight and then pull a tension device apart. Well pulling that tension rod apart was impossible, so it has sat in storage until recently. This last weekend was it's first true adventure into to great outdoors. We left Friday night, got to the campgrounds just before dusk. It stopped raining long enough to pitch the tent. Then we went out for dinner, because of the late hour. It rained all night, but we woke up to a clear warm day for Saturday. The sun even got a little too warm and the kids and I retreated into the tent to play games while Steve was running errands. We had origionally taken baby (our dog) with us, but because of our new queen blow up bed there was not alot of room left in the tent. Steve took the dog home and picked up a few needed items....like matches to light the fire/stove. Silly us.
Saturday night we had BLT wedge salad, pork chops, and couscous for dinner. We generally agreed that the couscous would need a whole lot of seasonings should we ever eat it again. Margaret and Jeff came out Saturday night to join us. We had fun taking walks and hanging out with each other. We got the kids put to bed and stayed up for a while chatting.
Sunday morning we woke up and it was windy and cold. We ended up packing up and leaving early because it was so cold. Next time we will be more prepared...so we can stay a little later.
The worst part about camping this last weekend was the lake water was really far down. It was so bad that the yellow floaty things that mark of the swimming area were totally out of the water by several feet. But we want to go camping alot more often - and with time things will improve.