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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Money's Worth on Kitchen Appliances.......

Right now we are considering buying a deep fryer. Not that we plan on frying alot of food for health reasons. However I love fried fish and the kind you get at the restaurants are usually very greasy. I recently fried up some catfish fingers at the house and loved how they turned out. So for an occasional fish fry is it worth getting a fryer? And then what kind of fryer? The cheap one or one that we can invite friends over and have a party? How do you balance weather or not you get your money back on an appliance?

Here is the cheap-o one. It is $19.99.

Here is the nicer, two basket fryer. It is $64.88

So which one would you get?


Mrs. Mordecai said...

If I got one, it would be the nicer one. Cheaply made appliances always make me mad because they don't work well. I'm always happy when I break them because I can get a new, nice one.

I think America's Test Kitchen did reviews of deep fryers once. I don't know if they're online, or you may be able to find them in The Best New Recipe.

Kim said...

Me? If I planned to have people over for fish-fries and such, I'd get the nicer one. If it's just for you and hubby mostly, then I'd get the cheaper one! Good luck on your decision.

Lauren said...

I hate to say it but, a lot of times it is better to get the more expensive appliance.