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Monday, July 7, 2008

Camping June 2008

During that first week we went camping with my parents and my Aunt Kathy. We went to a really nice "resort" type campground that had a pond for fishing, a pool and a kids area. The kids were so excited about the kids area because they had video games and movies. I let them go for a few hours in the afternoon on Thursday and then again on Friday while we packed up the camp.
My Aunt has a 23' travel trailer and I have to say that is the way to camp. All the fun of the outdoors without having to cook over a fire. And out in California most of the campgrounds now only have a grill for you to use....no open fires; which proposed a little difficulty when making smores. We tried using charcoal, but alas not enough flame, so we ended up stuffing Newspaper into the coals so we could get nice toasty marshmallows. Well we had so much fun camping that we talked about doing it again next year....after chatting back and forth and getting a few more opinions we are having a Honey-Burgin Family Reunion at the Grand Canyon. We are hoping to get everyone to come.


Ali said...

How much fun! Mike and I would love to drive out west and camp in some of those beautiful places that people always talk about. I'm with you as far as the camper goes! What a great idea to have a family reunion at the Grand Canyon! Awesome...

Lauren said...

I have been gone on family vacation...it was really fun to catch up on your posts...I am glad you are having such a great summer :)