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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Season

Well it is finally getting close to Christmas. I seemed like it would take forever to get here and yet time flys. I didn't get alot of things done that I wanted to. We got the Christmas Tree up, but none of the other decorations that would sit out. Some I was afraid that the cats would knock over. They have already climbed into the tree and bent a few of the branches down and have knocked a couple of ornaments off the tree. Emilia is getting excited, this morning she sleepily asked me what date it was...I replied that it was Wednesday, "no, the date" I was corrected. I told her it was the 18th....oops. Later when I asked her if she was counting down the days till Christmas, she said no that she was counting down till when Nicholas came over....Awwwhhh! She get so excited to spend time with her brother. I will have both the kids all day Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday. Of course we have some things going on. Not too much thankfully, I want to do some fun stuff with the kids, like making cookies, maybe ice skating. I know we plan on caroling over at Margaret's Neighborhood. It should be a fun time for everyone.


Suzanne said...

I hope you guys have a lot of fun! I love it that Emilia was counting down the days to see Nicholas. That is so awesome! It sounds like you have some good plans. I am remembering how fun it was that time we went to Lights of the South--even though it was totally freezing! =)