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Friday, December 28, 2007

No Spending Months

For the months of Jan and Feb my husband are entering a "no spending" freeze. We are not going out to eat, to the movies, no extra shopping. Just bills, groceries and gas. We are hoping to put every single extra cent towards our credit card debt. I am also going to restart our goals on the right side if the blog to pay off cc debt. Currently it is showing the percentage of debt to the credit limit. Now it will show the 100% as the amount owed on the card and we will go down by what we pay.
The only event that we are doing is a snow-weekend trip that we are looking for the frugalist way to go and a present for Nicholas's Birthday. But I am hoping to get a great gift for him with all the Christmas specials still going on.
I have made a menu for the whole month of January and have purchased quite a bit from the shopping list. I plan on updating daily any "extra" spenditures and and "pay-off" that we make for the two months.


Lauren said...

You guys are so responsible! We always feel the crunch after Christmas...we always overspend even though we vow we won't! Thanks for commenting on my blog! It was fun to hear from you :)

Suzanne said...

Way to go Sharon! Good luck with it. It's hard not to spend, I totally know. So I'm rootin' for you from out here in AZ!