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Thursday, October 11, 2007

All at Once

Why is it that you can have several days...weeks even when you have nothing to do, but then Everything is scheduled on One Day?? This Saturday in town we have:

1. Nicholas's Soccer Game
2. Emilia's School Fair
3. Nicholas's School Fair
4. The Greek Festival
5. The Latin/Hispanic Festival
6. The Renasiance Festival
7. And Nic has a B-day party invitaion.
8. Steve has a Men's Breakfast to go to.

Can anyone say Yikes! Let's see....how to pack it all in on one day.

7:00 Steve leaves for Men's Breakfast
7:30 Wake up Kids
9:00 Leave for Soccer Game meet Steve
11:00 Leave Soccer to go to Emilia's School
12:30 Leave Emilia's School to go to Nich's School
2:00 Go to Renasiance Festival
5:00 Go to Latin Festival.

Will have to skip the Bday party....Oh and one more thing the Greek Festival is also going on this weekend....So Steve is going to have to get his gyro either tonight or tomorrow Night. Afterwards I think I am going to bed early to recover. I hope the kids will be worn out by the end of the day. Maybe Sunday we will all relax and play games together.


Suzanne said...

Sharon, it sounds so busy! Awesome! If only we had stuff like that going on around here. We're hoping they send us back to Augusta one of these days. We never quite realized how good we had it there, as far as stuff to do! You're going to be worn out, I hope you have fun! Tell Steve to enjoy that gyro, and tell Nicholas we're cheering for him in our hearts. =)

byrumnews said...

If you move back.....I WOULD BE SCREAMING FOR JOY from the TOP OF MY LUNGS.