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Monday, October 29, 2007

Garbage Compacter vs China

Steve and I had been talking about getting a rotisserie for the house for a while. And although at this point I am confused as to who wanted it first, I had thought it would make a great Christmas gift for Steve. He can be so hard to buy for and this seemed like a great gift for him.
Well this last weekend we were at Sam's Club and Steve started talking about what amount we were going to spend on each other. He is a very thoughtful and generous man most of the time, but he he blew it with one statement "I was thinking of getting you new pots and pans"
Now to some people this might seem a little two faced that I can get him a kitchen appliance and not the reverse.....but the difference is that I have not mentioned once that I wanted new pans recently and I have dropped hints to him about things that I do want.
Him however, everytime I ask, cannot come up with one thing that he is interested in for Christmas. I don't want to give him Book Gift Cards....because we have enough books around the house. Most likely he will end up with a Lowe's gift certificate if he doesn't provide me with something else.
It reminds me of a story that was told to me about my Grandparents and Christmastime gifts. It seems one year that my Grandfather went out and bought my Grandma a garbage compacter for Christmas, so she returned the thoughtful gesture by buying him a set of China. You go girl!!


Suzanne said...

I love the story about your grandparents--so funny!! The whole Christmas gift thing can be such a dilemma. But just reading this post put me back into Georgia mode, making me wish we were there hanging out so I could hear all about it in person. Miss you!

HomeSlice said...

no kidding - go grandma!!!

we have a rule that no christmas gifts between spouses should include a cord (i.e. no appliances), but last year he got me what i really wanted - an iRobot Scooba. I love that thing dearly. however, if he got me new pots and pans, I might have hit him upside the head with one.