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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Change on the Side

So....I am currently looking ways to earn extra money that does not entail a 9-5 job. Ideas are Pampered Chef, tupperware, Newspaper route. Each have pros and cons attached to them. The one I am exploring the most is the Tupperware, it is a name brand product that most people know. I don't know if I could wake up early to do a Newspaper route. I am hoping to bloom this into something I could eventually use to replace my current job so I could be at home.
The ideal situation would be for me to get a position on night side here at the paper, but that could be a while....which is at least something to look forward to, I guess. I signed up for some kind of online survey which was recommended throught a blog that I read, but it just wanted me to sign up for more offers and led me through a maze to nothingness. Yikes!!!
I know some women/men out there have profitable at home positions...so I am not giving up yet.
Let me know if anyone has any ideas!


Suzanne said...

Sharon, what about some kind of classified job in a school, like an instructional aide or something? That way you'll be working when the kids are at school, and not needing to be gone at night when they're home. Then you're also pretty guaranteed to be off when they're off, and all that. Or you could find some kids to babysit during the day or something. I was making $450 a month with just one kid, so two or three could bring some pretty good money. Just some thoughts.

rural momma said...

Nice to "meet" ya, thanks for the invite. :0)
I also signed up for "money making surveys", and I found it very frustrating. There must be some good ones out there, but I have yet to find them.
I love the previous commentors thoughts!! :0) If I did not home school my kiddos, I would try very hard to work in the ps with them. I don't know where you live, but up here in northern NH a bus driver starts at $15.00 an hour. That is a good sum of money for around here!! ;0) My sil has been a bus driver for only a year and she makes over the $15.00 per hour. She loves it!! The money is good, the hours are good, and she has off when her kids do. The only downside is that when she has off, she does not get a paid. If that income would be enough for you all to get by on, then maybe its something to look into.

HomeSlice said...

hi Sharon - thanks for your comment on my blog. not full of great ideas for part time work but the tupperware market seems flooded - at least, it is here in richmond. good luck with everything!