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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Okay, so I am new to this whole wearing glasses thing. I got my eyes checked out about a year or so ago and purchase $200 glasses...yikes. Although not as bad as some peoples prices. Then of course a few months later I misplaced my glasses. I still think they were hijacked by my daughter since we found a lens in her room, but her prescriptions is so close to mine I couldn't be 100% sure since she broke both pairs of glasses that she had gotten.

For the start of the new school year we got her another two pairs of glasses. But since I needed new glasses and she has yet to learn how to properly take care of her glasses I was looking for glasses for the both of us. My sister and her hubs recommended Zennioptical.com. With both of our perscriptions in hand I place an order with them. Since the shipping was the same I figured I would stock up on glasses for the both of us. I ordered two extra pairs for her, two regular glasses for me and a pair of perscription sunglasses for myself. I got all five pairs of glasses for $51.85; yes you read right for around fifty dollars we got five pairs of glasses. They have quite a few pairs of glasses for $8. You pay extra for anti-glare and other options, but for just a basic pair of glasses it can be a pretty inexpensive option.

Now the question everyone has on their minds is...How do I like them? How did the turn out? Well Emilia wasn't thrilled with the glasses that she got....one pair which she picked for the striped earpieces had a round lens that at the ripe old age of 7 she has decided to dislike. I can't remember the reason she didn't like the other pair, but it was based on Cosmetics. At this point she has her original two and won't have to deal with wearing the new ones them unless she breaks or looses the first two.

I really like my sunglasses...they are blue with blue tinted glasses...and they just scream Sharon. At first to be honest I didn't love the shape of my regular pairs. Since I have only tried on glasses one time before I didn't have much experience or a frame of reference. One pair is a little to boxy for me (someone commented on them looking like Palin's) The others are a little taller than the ones I had gotten used to wearing. But after a few days of wearing them you get used to it. I still catch myself pushing my glasses up to the top of my head since I am not used to wearing them. One frame isn't as sturday as the $200 glasses were and I treat them carefully, not that they seem to be fragile, but it is just my mind set.

Overall, I was extremely surprised and happy with my purchases. I don't think we as a family will be buying our glasses anywhere else. And now I have a frame of reference for the lens size I prefer. I don't have pictures yet, but I will post them soon so that you all can have a gander. I would recommend this site to anyone in the market for glasses.