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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - Allrecipes

I just love allrecipes.com. It is such a wonderful site. It has a multitude of recipes, but I love that you can read reviews and see what adjustment to make off of the original recipe. One of the key features I like is the ingredient search that it has. If you have a few items on hand but you don't know what to make with them, just type them in, hit search and viola you have recipes to make. For instance my late mil (passed away a few months ago) was a wonderful woman. One of the funny things about her was that she would send us home from a visit (she's in Ohio, we live in SC) with food. I'm talking cans of food, bags of rice and general pantry items. I have a feeling that if we had lived any closer we would have been sent home with perishables too. Well, summer of 06 we went for a visit and she sent home 4 cans of white beans. I have no clue what to do with them, I don't use that particular bean in my cooking. So, if they are still good here are a few recipes that allrecipes.com suggests:

Tropical Quake Shake (okay not too sure about a bean/fruit shake, but interesting nonetheless)

White Bean Spread With Garlic & Rosemary (looks kind-of like a hummus)

But say I had a few other ingredients on hand....say chicken and onions. Then I just add those in the ingredients search (it has 4 fields for what you do want, and even has 4 field for things you don't want. You can exclude ingredients like: mushrooms if you don't like it)

So with white beans, chicken and onions in things I do want and mushrooms in the things I do here is what I came up with.

Caldo Gallega (a yummy looking Puerto Rican soup).

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Mom2fur said...

I love this, and I have a link to it right on my AOL toolbar! It is also good when you are going through the fridge or pantry and find items you need to use or lose!

Martie said...

I love online recipes too! They have saved many a night for dinner!