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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Trip to California

Well this Summer we are flying all the way from the East to the West Coast. We will be going up to Greenesboro, NC which is about 4 hrs away to fly out to Burbank, CA. I am loving skybus.com, I like the fact that if you get there soon enough that you can get a really cheap seat. I am talking $150 each to fly cross-country. That is nothing to sneeze at. The only issue I am having is that they are taking so long to switch over to June Calendar so I can purchase our tickets. I am hoping that they are not discontinuing the flight between the to cities - that would be the pits. If they don't I might be able to fly my family of four for under $700 buckaroos. While out there we have talked about going camping, to Medieval Times among other things. I am so excited. I am hoping that we can get together with some friends of ours that are out on the West Coast. I emailed my mom 14 times yesterday talking back and forth about the trip. I am too excited to see her. I think the last time we saw each other was two March's ago when she was out here for my wedding. Emilia is excited to see her cousin who has a horse. She thinks that is the bomb!!


Anonymous said...

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Lauren said...

Oh, that souds wonderful!!!!! I hope it all works out smoothly. Thank you for mentioning skybus.com. I am going to check that out. I didn't know about that address :) I am learning about such great stuff from you :D

Suzanne said...

I hope we can see you! I'm not sure what we'll be able to do, because we have to drive to Utah for a reunion in May (15 hours one way) and then there's also a reunion in July at Tahoe. We're already thinking we won't make it to Tahoe because of how much we'll have to spend on gas in May. But you'll be so close, I really hope we can work something out. Maybe meet half way, or in Phoenix? We'll have to give it some thought.