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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kitchen Tips Tuesday

Okay....so even though it is not a backward day at Tammy's Kitchen tip...I thought I would still ask a question. I have what I thought was a zester, but when I used it this past weekend I could not get the zest off of it. I don't have a picture of it, but it kind of looks like the holes on the top left of this grater I found on-line.
So my questions are....Is that a zester? How can I get the zest off? Please help.
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Lauren said...

If I am correct, a zester is usually a hand held little scraping gadget that scrapes the skin of a lemon (or whaterver you are "zesting", to give the dish you are cooking some zing or well, "zest", I guess. I don't think a zester has holes...it just has little prongs that scrape the skin of the lemon/lime/orange whatever. But...that grater that you have pictured~ it may have a section that is a zester or, I am no gourmet cook but, I don't see why you couldn't use a grater with really fine small holes to zest something. I guess this doesn't help that much, Huh?

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I just use the smallest holes on my grater, and it works fine. No need to buy another kitchen gadget when the one you have works fine!

I've never figured out what the pokey, sticky-outy holes on the grater are for.

Mom2fur said...

When I've seen chefs on TV use zesters, they always seem to scrape the zest from the opposite side of the sharp thingies. (I'm sure they have a name, just don't know what it is!) See what happens if you reach up inside the grater. If that doesn't help, what if you sprayed the holes with a non-stick spray? Maybe then they would come off more easily.
Oh...and those pokey, sticky-outy (love that description) holes on the grater that Mrs. Mordecai mentions could either be for grinding nutmeg or for very, very hard cheese such a parmigiana.

byrumnews said...

Thanks for your comments....I think I will try the small grater for now. I don't know what the "pokey-sticky-outy" thing is for either. I bought a mini-set of graters -- and one is a seperate piece with only the "pokey-stiky-outy" things on it...Oh well.