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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday.

Over at Rock in My Dryer, Shannon has asked us to post questions, instead of tips. So here is my question: Has anyone tried those Dry clean at home kit. My husband wears a suit to work everyday. We are trying to become a more frugal household and it would be great to cut out the drycleaning cost. So, do those kits work? Is there a homemade solutions to drycleaning.

Also, his t-shirts keep getting this dingy yellow look to them.....how can we get them to stay white? None of our other laundry does this.


Frazzmom said...

I've used the dryel kit for freshing between dry cleanings. You can stretch out the time between professional cleanings, but still will need to take it in occasionally.

Randall said...

I agree with the other comment. I use Dryel which is great for freshing clothes. I can really strech out dry cleaning sweater sets, skirts and pants my using it. But about every three months (of course, depending how much you really wear things) I have to take them to the dry cleaner for a good cleaning.

Dryel goes a great job getting ready of the daily stink that clothes get but I haven't had much luck using it to remove big stains.

Clemntine said...

On the dingy undershirts:

I use OxyClean in every white load and that helps. I will occasionally run a load of just undershirts which I wash in Fels Naptha and rinse with white vinegar (instead of fabric softener).

Scott said...

Dingy white shirts?
A friend tie-dyes white shirts when they no longer are presentable as white shirts.
Of course, that is no solution for work shirts, eh?