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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Random things about me.

My friend Suzanne tagged me for a list of Random things about me. Well she came up with 50....we will see if I can get anywhere close.

1. I have 8 bro & sis
2. Most of the people in my family are on their 2nd marriage. (We figure we subconsiously have to have a trial run to get it right)
3. I need glasses (but not bad enough to spend the money)
4. I named my daughter after my step-father and she ended up being born two weeks early on the same day and date as him.
5. When I was growing up I wanted 12 kids.
6. I like to blog, but I love to read blogs.
7. I have a hard time making friends, we haven't had another couple to hang out with since S&J left Augusta.
8. I am trying to convice my mom and dad to move to Augusta.
9. And I want them to actually Live with me.
10. Around 15 years old I mooned another car.
11. I am a few classes away from a two-year degree.
12. I want to become fluent in Spanish.
13. I got into trouble for sneaking out and macking on the boy next door.
14. I love to sing.
15. I get stage-fright. (major)
16. Growing up I thought I wanted a tatoo, until I discovered my fear of needles.
17. My babysitter let me have a puff of her cigarette when I was seven.
18. She got into trouble.
19. She egged and mustard my parents card.
20. The police once literally checked out my rear-end. (A neighbor wrongly accused my parents of abuse)
21. I can have a really hard time finding a good pair of shoes.
22. I have the best pair of jeans I have ever owned.
23. I want to wear calf-lengh boots, but my calfs are too big.
24. I obsessively, secretly dream of winning the lotto, or some amount of cash.
25. I am scared of dying.
26. We are going to DisneyWorld for the first time in Summer '09
27. In high-school I played Jack-in-the beanstalk's mom in a musical.
28. I love to read.
29. I am currently reading Junie B Jones with my daughter.
30. I am trying to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.
31. I have only made it to 1Nephi Ch5.
32. I took a Greyhound bus from No. Calif down to LA and across the county to Augusta GA.
33. I was 21 but my mom still packed me a goodie bag with snacks, coloring book and crayons.
34. They came in handy with a screaming child on the bus.
35. Thanks Mom!
36. I like the new "Cereal Straws"
37. My favorite soup is "Baked Potato"
38. I wish I knew how to play the piano.
39. I love to cook or bake.
40. I hate to clean up.
41. I used to be a hard sleeper.
42. Now I have to wear ear plugs to be able to sleep.
43. I have a brother and a nephew named Eric.
44. I have two brothers named James. (Combined Marriage, 1 from each)
45. My name was almost Sharon Aaron.
46. I have a recurring dream/nightmare that all of my teeth are falling out. (at the same time)
47. I hate to fly.
48. I want to go to Medieval Times Restaurant when we are in LA in June.
49. The Atlantic Ocean is way warmer than the Pacific.
50. One more...... In June I will have been in GA for a whole decade. Scary.

Well I made it. Never thought I would. I am going to tag Lauren and Erika


Lauren said...

Hey Sharon!
Thanks for tagging me...do I get to tag somebody now? Is that how it works?

I thoroughly loved reading your list of 50!

I like your new template...I want to go to the beach now!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Medieval Times is lots of fun. I was there on an orchestra tour in high school. I hope you get to go!

Lauren said...

I have one post that I haven't finished yet...but after I update, I will totally post my 50 random things.

I only learned to e-mail a little over a year ago...I know this sounds dumb of me...but, what does BTW mean? I finally learned j/k is "joking" and LOL is "laugh out loud". Thanks for your patience with me--I am learning :)