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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Storing Ground Beef in the Freezer

We bulk buy 10 lb tubes of hamberger at Sam's Club so portioning them out is key. We divide the tube up into equal increments and place them into quart size freezer bags. The key to storing them is to flatten the meat to the full width and length of the bag and to squeeze out any air. The meat defrosts quicker than if you store them as a chunk of meat. You can even toss it in a sink of water, or place directly into the pan. To see more kitchen tips go to Kitchen Tips Tuesday by Tammy


Suzanne said...

Sharon, I read this post days ago--I think this is fabulous information to have! It seems so smart. No more chunky freezing for me.

Juliana said...

Hi! I just wanted to say a big thank you for posting a kind comment on my blog today. I tracked you back here to thank you. :-)

I definitely do this with my hamburger--I just did this yesterday! And I always make sure that I freeze in one pound portions so I know how much is in a bag. (Buy a four-pound package of meat and divide it into quarters...)

Hope you drop by my blog again sometime. :-)


p.s. I have sung in Sacrament before and it was kind of terrifying, but I was singing with somebody so that took away some of the pressure. Phew!