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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Turkey Day

Although we will not be having Thankgiving at our house or Margaret's house this year I thought I would tell you what I would have made if I was cooking.
Mashed Potaotes (real w/skins)
My bil mother's stuffing (best I ever tasted)
green bean casserole
brocolli salad
peas or corn
yams with Marshmellows (not sure about this one, can't remember if we decided not to have this because no one cared or not last year)
cresent rolls (lots, and lots, and lots)
pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream
pistachio pudding
pumpkin cake
apple pie w/ ice cream
Sparkling Cider/Wine/Coke
I am so ready for tomorrow, I am already salivating. Best wishes on your T-day.